Choose from over 40,000 branded products saved in the bathroom design software and place them in a space matching your exact specifications. You can show the 3D design to your customers at the push of a button, using the Saninet Viewer app. Then, use the Export Module to generate technical drawings and a bill of materials for your design.


With Saninet Pro you can:

  • Specify the dimensions of the bathroom
  • Choose the shape of the bathroom
  • Use 40,000 branded products from its library
  • Place products from the universal library
  • Store your favourite products
  • Install wall and floor tiles
  • Add decorative tiles and adjust grout
  • View your design by day and by night in HD
  • Store your data in the cloud
  • Generate technical drawings
  • Customers also experience their bathroom design at home with the Saninet Viewer app

Design your bathroom in 10 minutes

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€ 120.00 per month (ex VAT)

Total amount € 1440.00 excluding VAT